Doctor Testimonials

Watch Dr. Craig Koniver, Primary Plus Organic Medicine, discuss the benefits of home care:

“I’m Dr. Koniver.  I believe in giving patients options and know those who stay in their home are healthier and happier.  They don’t need hospitals as much and love their independence.  We Care Home Care is a local, veteran owned and operated company that can do that for you.”

“Home care services really make a difference in a lot of our elderly folks’ lives”

“Maybe you’ve had a stroke, or maybe your partner or spouse just isn’t ready to drive anymore, and the two of you getting around is difficult…Driving all over town, going to these doctors offices, especially if you have an impairment of some kind, maybe you’ve got a wound…even with incontinence, or an infection.  We don’t want to be out in town doing that.  People can come to their home.  A lot of folks are used to doing stuff in their neighborhood.”

“Staying in your home and having someone come in helps you stay comfortable.  It’s your own environment.  You can tweak it how you want it.  It is privacy and independence.”

“If you have someone come into your home that’s an experienced, trained caregiver, that could just help you with basic things, like grooming, some groceries, maybe a little laundry and housework, change the bed linen for you…that just makes you feel better.”

“We see that it improves the quality of life.”

Listen to Dan Caskie, PA, discuss the benefits of home care, as well as many valuable tips for you and your loved ones!

“We find that our patients who have home care have less ER visits, less hospital stays.”

“The family, who often are the supporting caregivers, they’re less stressed, too….They can work with peace of mind, knowing that someone is going to come in the middle of the day, maybe for an hour or two, just to check on Mom and Dad.  They can travel, maybe they’re going to go on vacation, and they normally stay the night, or they check on Mom every morning for meds.  Caregiver comes in and does that for them.  They’re having peace of mind while they travel.  The parents or the family are still getting great care.”

“Sometimes they also need a rest.  Maybe one of their family members have recently passed through a tough illness, and Mom can get around, or Dad can get around, but still need someone to check on them for a few things…They need a break…Someone comes in for a week or two and just gives them that respite.  Those things are huge.”

“The whole family seems just so much happier when we get home care as part of the other services that come out to our folks’ homes.”

“We see a lot of patients in their home.  Some with, some without home care.  Those with home care tend to be able to get a caregiver to alert the family member and/or us that something’s changed….maybe they’re suddenly incontinent…they’re not making it to the bathroom.  They could have an infection.  All these things are very common in the elderly, and if treated early and promptly, can be taken care of.  That second set of eyes…makes a big difference.”